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I’m Michael Thompson, a software developer from Perth, Western Australia. For the most part, I work with web based languages such as PHP (and typical client side languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript). I also am a hobbyist game developer, and have dreamed for years about running my own independent game development studio.

I am a strong believer that open source software makes the world better, and try to use it when possible (I.E. I am hosting WordPress on PHP on Nginx on Centos). Check out my Github which I will start contributing some serious time to soon.

I like to work on projects both on my own, and with my close group of like minded friends. Together, we have taken on the name of the “Nerd Herd“. If you’d like to keep in the loop with our projects, follow our Facebook page.

I am also captivated about the universe we live in (everything from how atomic and sub atomic particles work and how forces act upon them, to how stars and galaxies work). I think that the night sky is one of the most beautiful things to see and am a strong believer that surely, if we can exist on this planet, then there must be another planet somewhere else that can harbor life (whether that life lives in similar conditions to our own or not).

More to come!